more sketches

Ahh, this past week-ish, especially this past couple of days have been... Interesting. All in all very, very good. Simple Thanksgiving -- would this be the first time I've celebrated Thanksgiving in 5 years? -- but really nice. Also went on a quest for a diner. I'm convinced WA doesn't have diners, but found a bubble tea place. I had Taro Milk tea, which made me ridiculously happy. (well, the whole night, really. But the tea made it) Anyway, in contrast to the good times, and the new project (another one) that I'm getting in to, and finally feeling productive again, there's anxiety, and ... Ah. Stuff. Melancholy. Stress. et cetera. There's the easy, tame issues like money. Other stuff, naturally. But as far as things I actually feel comfortable getting in to, the fact that I rely on my friends as a safety net far more than I ever realized. Or relied, rather, because I'm imagining a large part of my ... malaise is being away from that safety net. Human contact. Hell, physical contact is more important than I'd realized. It's strange, having been so used to it, regularly greeting friends with a hug or just a simple handshake. I mean, yeah, it's nice, but I never thought I'd miss it. Anyway, I did a simple, fun, quick sketch. And a while ago I'd scanned some of my old figure studies from Printmaking. So I threw them together into a little sketch gallery. The new one's at the bottom. It's a little free-er, and messier, than I usually do (if that's possible). I can't exactly place what draws me too it -- in part, I like the traces left by changing my mind about the position of the head -- but there's definite problems with it. Even given that it's pretty stylized, there's problems with the anatomy. Shading's done relatively well for me not really giving it any thought, but I could have, well, given it some thought. Ah well. It's there, I like it. That's all, folks.