wasting time

I should be getting ready for my flight... I need to finish packing clothes, figure out what I'm bringing with me other than clothes, make sure everything's in order... Finish the painting I'm working on. If I have time (after I'm finished wasting time typing this) later, I should scan the last couple sketches I did. I'm not gonna bother putting them all up, but some of them are worth showing. I'll probably leave that for tomorrow or so, however. Scanning them needs to be done today, so that I can leave that sketchbook here, and just bring my new one. I've been miserable as hell the past couple days, and not sleeping well. I'm looking forward to seeing my family & friends; giving myself a chance to distance myself from what's bothering me & what I can't change. Enough god damned moping, already; I need to get away from things, distract myself, hopefully get some work done, renew my spirits... All I can hope that things will change on their own. What I really need to do is throw myself back into my work. I'l hoping that once I've digested all this crap, it'll be easier to do that. Several projects on the burners that are screaming out to be finished... and I'm too busy w/stupid stuff to give them the attention I want to devote to them. Like collaboration. I'm actually trying to give that a shot, but I need to hammer out the foundation & clarify for myself what exactly I want, so I can clearly communicate to my collaborators what I want from them. I'm pretty close to being able to do that, and that's probably what I'm going to focus on while I'm visiting my family.
I'm sick of being stupid.