thank god

My life has been made 100x easier. So, I finally got the whole DC toolchain rebuilt. (I'll start with the bad news first -- yeah, there's bad news) Since I had to rebuild it, I figured I'd go with a brand-new, shiny build of everything, rather than the dusty old versions I was using. So I've got GCC 3.4.3, binutils-2.15, newlib-1.13.0, and the latest version of KallistiOS. Everything went through seemingly w/o a hitch, until I tried to test the cel-shading demo. It don't run. No errors or warnings. Just don't run.

KallistiOS ##version##: Tue Apr 19 22:44:40 PDT 2005
maple: active drivers:
    PuruPuru (Vibration) Pack: JumpPack
    VMU Driver: Clock, LCD, MemoryCard
    Mouse Driver: Mouse
    Keyboard Driver: Keyboard
    Controller Driver: Controller
  DMA Buffer at ac0e0a00
vid_set_mode: 640x480IL NTSC
fs_romdisk: mounting image at 0x8c05b854 at /rd
maple: attached devices:
  A0: Dreamcast Controller          (01000000: Controller)
  A1: Visual Memory                 (0e000000: Clock, LCD, MemoryCard)
  B0: Dreamcast Controller          (01000000: Controller)
  B2: Visual Memory                 (0e000000: Clock, LCD, MemoryCard)
vid_set_mode: 640x480IL NTSC
pvr: enabling vertical scaling for non-VGA

Soooo... what's the good news? Well, my testing process has been a little... convoluted, through necessity. The coder's cable (what ya use to transfer a program to the Dreamcast to run it, w/o burning a CD) doesn't work on my Mac. So I have a poor, lonely, Windows box w/o a monitor (Johnboy) connected to the DC. I use VNC to access that, FTP back into my machine, grab the file, and upload it to the DC. Except the old Windows DOS prompt doesn't have a scrollback buffer... So oftentimes, logs get lost. Well, since I got my old laptop fixed, I built dc-tool for that, instead. Now instead of VNC, I can just telnet into the machine connected to the DC. And linux is a lot nicer than DOS. Full scrollback, better command history, etc.
This'll make troubleshooting my current problem, to round this post out w/a nice sense of closure, 100x easier.