what I had for dinner

I got a good deal on cashews, so I decided to go for cashew "chicken" curry last night (Morningstar Farms' ←meal starters Chick'n Strips). As some of you may know, I don't generally go for the fake meats but this one's alright. Maybe because it's emulating chicken as opposed to beef or pork, it doesn't make me queasy eating it. Now, just cashews and chik'n wouldn't be enough. Onions are always good for a stir-fry, and on a whim I bought a head of cauliflower as well. So I had: cashews, "chicken", curry sauce, califlower, and... onions. At this point I realized I had a theme going and onions just didn't fit. But I bought them just for the curry! Sure, I'd probably end up using them the next night regardless, but something had to be done. I discussed the predicament with a friend, and she insisted that I not stray from the theme.
And then, a stroke of genius: caramelized onions! Dinner was saved! I'd never made caramelized onions before, so I had to look up a recipe. It called for two things I wouldn't normally have: white wine (or vinegar), and sugar. Though I do have vinegar (rice vinegar for... rice, and plain white vinegar for cleaning my coffee pot) I also had white wine leftover from the alfredo sauce I made last week (but sadly didn't get a writeup; it was awesome, though). So I used the wine (to break up and mix the glaze that forms on the onions) And sugar... meh, I don't like sugar so I just skipped it.