coalesce notes

So my linked list code is broken, somehow. I guess this is a time for Unit Testing. This'd be a whole lot easier if I was using objects. And why isn't the timer working at all? Or am I doing something (else) wrong?

Organize & streamline code. Is MVC something that really applies to games? I don't see why it wouldn't be. Every now & again I'm still getting crashes. Pointers to addresses that aren't ships. But the speed is much better, now. Should look into timing routines some more. I think there's something I don't quite understand about how they work. Objects need to be erased before they're deleted. Let's start w/a Space-Invader type enemy. One that moves across the screen horizontally, moves closer, then goes back in the other direction, slowly (or not so slowly) getting closer. Something simple. Oh, and I suppose that whole "dying" and "killing things" thing. Weapon attrs: .multishot .spread (rapidfire) .laser .seeker .flock .power .spread Bosses will drop lots of powerups. Should also be special weapons. Vampire ship?