coalesce notes #3

Can I figure out some way to treat these modules more as objects? Alloc'ing and dealloc'ing space for them like w/ "new()" / "delete()" methods... I'll need to keep track of what I create & free it all... Hopefully I'm not too tired to get some work done on the shooter when I get home today. And I should get that laptop from Mike, so I can try building it on Windows. So linked lists for the objects. Actually, just one list should be fine – enemies & bullets alike. Alright, so I updated the enemy code so it'll alloc & free & deal w/any enemy, not just one declared statically in the file itself. The display function now takes a pointer to the enemy struct; modify this so it traverses -the list- a list & optimally checks each object & calls the correct drawing code.

So I've almost got it built. One error, redefinition of a symbol. I can't remember which one. Hunt that down & hopefully I'm good. Then I can get back to coding the game itself. Sweet. It was the cygwin runtime, which actually sorta solves two problems. One: getting it to compile & run on Windows. Two: my worry that it would need the cygwin runtime.