more coalesce notes

Anyways, yes. Enemies. And improving the imput. God damn this timer's giving me grief. What am I doing wrong? Yay! Fixed! Now to enemies. And the killing / dying thing.

Hmm: how reasonable wd it be for the speed of objects to dictate how often they're updated, rather than how far they move per update? Alright. Vectors. Now I can keep track of where the enemy ships are (rather, what direction they're moving in) All going relatively well. I'm thinking maybe I should look into some sort of OO, though. I'm doing too much reusing code. I guess I can do much of this w/nested functions, however. Ahh – except the case statements. I have to check every time what kind of structure it is. That's not something I know a good way around.

Objective C is a go. I'll have to do low-level(ish) memory management, but I can do objects. So that's the next thing to work on.