coalesce notes (xn)

Weapon slots. They need their own firing rate & set of enhancements. It might be easier to break them off into a separate class.

Some unanswered q's: they're attachable, but what about detachable? – what happens if you pick up another type of powerup while using one?

solved. Attachables are now separate objects. A little tweaking is in order.

Also, better subclassing. Too much repeated code.

(x,y) coords should reflect an object's center, NOT its corner.

Mess around w/x,y,sizex,sizey,drawn_? and whatever the last one was. Do I really need all those?

cleaner code. And more testing! There's potential for disaster just lurking around a corner, I know it.

Particle →Ship →Player
Enemy →Gunner
Bullet →Missle