coalesce notes (some story)

Idea: (shot down) a domestic drama about the life of the captain of the ship's wife while he's at war. Guns rotate like in Slipheed? Move forward, they spread, move back, they contract. Hold down the fire button & they lock. Need to work on the rotation of ships being part of the Ship class –– have the side-guns locked on to the side of the ship, rather than just have the same movement vector. Because currently they're bumped around by the powerups. Also, they need to be destroy-able. Sprites for the ships + rotation of sprites. Moving background? – that involves redrawing the whole scene. But... don't I already do that? I should draw & erase the ships to a BMP that's the size of the whole level, and then draw the current viewport to the screen. Yes?

My goal should be to make my code as clean & understandable as possible first, & then go back & optimize at the end. For the Gunners, do I have them loop through the objects to pick a target?? Because I don't need to. Naww, I just did extra testing to be safe. Take a look @ my collision code: clean that up. First off, the collision fn. should return a boolean.

Fix the attachments so they don't bounce around. "fix" the missles so they can miss fix the flockers so they're not batshit insane (x,y) of the powerups occasionally gets set to NAN... ?! I'm sure it has to do w/the collision detection on them, which shouldn't happen. Maybe I should check for division by 0 somewhere...