worldview.  jericho.  hurricane.  reivel.  gaia.  earth.  song.

it was in jericho.  old, old, jericho.
reivel was in the city.
it was reivel who brought about the hurricane.
    it was reivel who was the hurricane, red and dark.
jericho was the city, around the city.
it was the walls of jericho that tried to block the hurricane.

horrid horrible was the hurricane.

arches black as mink held open the walls of jericho.  the arches and the horses were the downfall 
of jericho.  the eye of god.  rain of gold.  god's majesty burns like molten gold.  the wrath
of god is reivel reiv-el gabri-el.  (and the hurricane was in the city) reivel walked through
the city, as god walked through the garden with moss / noah.

te tra gram ma ton

it was reivel who was the hurricane.

the rain was blinded under the worldview.

the people were blinded under the walls of jericho.

jericho / gaiachrome is the genetic scar.

the angel the burning angel.  purple and red scars of wrath.  reivel strode amongst the buildings
looking for the mark; joseph was standing against reivel with his cloak and his coat rack.
atip the coat rack there was a glass skull.

blinded were the people against the cloak.
entangle did joseph and reivel,
in the old city of jericho.
gaericho gaierichoe gaiachrome

it was the skull that was the heart of the city.
it was the hurricane that was in the city.
    hurrible was the power of the horricane.

horns sound.
winds roar.
glass shattering...
reivel owns the city.
reivel of the hurricane.  reivel of the west.

joseph falls.