03/05/11 (supposed)

Standing on a terrace overlooking the city, high up on mons solis. It's my last day in the district of Apollo, and it's a beautiful day. Far warmer than usual for this time of year, the sun is shining bright.

Between here and the glittering skyscrapers of Thoth, nestled between the mountain and the hills near the coast is urbs lunae, the "city of the moon" sacred to Bast. It looks like a quaint residential district in comparison, lots of small white houses with painted green roofs.

The area is, not surprisingly, overrun with cats. Black statues of regal cats wearing Egyptian jewelry stand outside most buildings. Making my way to the traveler's hostel near the temple, I have to watch my step for fear of tripping over fearless strays darting between my legs.

In my room, I'm befriended by a gray tomcat I found sleeping on my bed, curled up in a ray of sunshine coming through the window. As soon as I sat down to write, he meowed and pawed at me until I let him sit in my lap.

The room is much better furnished than either of the others so far. It feels very homey; I've got a large carpet in the center of the room and thick, warm blankets on the bed. There are actually pictures on the walls, one gorgeous night-time shot of the moon bathing the city in a blue glow, and another I'm guessing is of the owner of the hostel's family. And a fireplace! No wood, though, so I'll probably have to pick some up tonight.