Troubling dreams. I dreamt I was underground. No light. I had to find my way by touch and sound. Dry bones crunched under my feet. Off in the distance I could hear water falling, but there was no moisturein the air or on the rocks in my location.

After a while I began to hear a leathery fluttering, raspy breathing, as if there were creatures circling me. I began to panic. I hurried my pace; surely this cave must have an exit somewhere. I headed for the sound of the water. At one point I thought I felt something brush against my leg. I gasped and tried to scream, but no sound came.

Eventually I saw a glimmer of light ahead of me – an opening! I scrambled towards it as fast as I could, heedless of any rocks or barriers in my way. At one point I tripped and cut my knee, which caused whatever was shadowing me to stir and chitter. I ran.

And just like that, I was out. I don't even remember crossing the threshold, but just beyond this (from the outside, deceptively small) cave opening was a tiny village. Welcoming-looking green-roofed houses clumped together in an inviting fashion, and up on the highest hill I could see a small temple in the distance.

Even before I reached it, I knew what village this must be. This was Ulthar, the dream city wherein it is forbidden to kill a cat.