And before I knew it, the month is over and it's time to move on. Looking at my slowly developing map, it looks like I'm off down the hill into the business district, urbs speculorum.

I can see the glittering skyscrapers from here. This is where, according to the history of the city, the scribes all gathered, and over the years the libraries and printing presses turned to newer technology and eventually laid the network for the whole area, moving into software and telecommunications.

My room here is very modern, a departure from the homey atmosphere of my room in regio lunae. very clean, and instead of a bookshelf there's a small table with an ebook on it. Hundreds of titles, far more than I'd ever have time to read. Though libraries are still very common in this district, as the residents still have a high respect for books, they haven't shied away from embracing new forms of technology.