Food dice #5

basil, curry, asparagus, tofu, garlic, olives, fruit, rice, broil


Went w/a sort of greek curry here. Made a basic curry, but used "regular" basil instead of Thai basil, and broiled tofu. Topped with feta. Apricot lassi for dessert.

It turned out surprisingly well, but I'd want to tweak the recipe if I made it again. I'd want to accentuate the "Greek" part of the curry, maybe tweaking the spices some. The lassi, while delicious, was way too thick! It needed more yogurt, and probably some milk or something to thin it out. I don't think I added any sugar, which was fine. There's enough in the fruit.

dinner 2

I think I forgot to add the chick peas to the curry the first night. Leftovers!