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I'm still very fond of the color photos I did a while back, using the old-style method of taking 3 separate photos each with a different color filter, then combining them. I used a b&w quickcam, and combined the images using the GIMP, but the principle is how many of the first color photographs were taken. I didn't know this at the time, however, because I didn't take history of photography until the next year. Not that I imagined the idea was original. Because of the "messiness" of my process, the photos have a blurry, bright quality that I especially like.

I hate design

I hate design. I suppose, though, that I'm not giving design enough credit. I do occasionally enjoy reading about design. A look at this site, although my design is fairly amateurish, betrays at least some level of attention. I do actually have very strong opinions about usability, and UI design is something that interests me a fair bit. Graphic Design, on the other hand, I could care less about, as long as it serves the higher goal of usability. I don't really want to think about these things - I have my preferences and aesthetic, as do others.
Design isn't art. Both deal with aesthetics, but neither is about aesthetics. Elements of art can, and often do, inform design. Elements of design can also inform art, although I generally find it creepy when they do. What this comes down to, though, is after I separate what I think of as bad design from design itself, I mostly hate design because I'm no good at it. I don't have an innate ability for it, and I don't like doing it enough to want to try to get better. I feel that focusing on design takes me away from other important things. I know that's wrong, because the only design I ever spend time on is an interface of some sort (this site is an example, others are, well, not on this site but will hopefully find their way here when they're ready), and, since they serve something that's meant in some way to be used, UI design is important.
Ugh. This started out as a fairly coherent thought. I've lost track of what the point was, though, so that's it for now.

hoka hoka hey

didn't feel like messing around w/the old way I updated the site, since this is easier, so - last frontpage entry:

so I've gotten very frustrated w/this damned skeleton thing. The script now, and has for a while, exported numbers that actually mean something - they're all part of the same coordinate system, and I know what they mean. ... But they're not what I need, I now realize. Being rather short-sighted in this regard, it turns out that I don't, of course, want a bone's "absolute" coordinates (what I'm getting now). The numbers I actually need are a bone's position relative to the mesh it's connected to.

I'm not actually sure how to get this, though.

I've been spending way too much time on this problem, and have others to attend to, so the whole skeleton thing is on hold for now. I've been working on other aspects of the same project; the whole ordeal ended up breaking my collision detection, so I'm fudging around with that some. Probably going to go with a super-simplified 2D collision detection routine, since a highly accurate result isn't necessary.

Also figured out how to do 2D overlays in OpenGL - I can draw 2D stuff over my 3D scene. Figuring I'm gonna go with putting a 2D texture on a plane, and overlaying that... Transparency would be nice, but I don't know how the DC handles that. glColor4f(a, r, g, b) doesn't seem to work. But I think it's possible some other way.

Well, that's that's that. Day after next is my last day of work, then off to wherever for a week, and I'll be away from the computer, so unable to code. It'll give me a chance to plan, and design, and all those important things that I've been neglecting by focusing so intently on this. And some time to just be away from this & relax. And when I get back I'm gonna have much more on my plate - packing, and looking for a new place to live, and preparing myself for the move.

Here's the information on the python script, though: skeletor


Textile seems cool. I can do stuff like emphasize words, though my favorite /italics/ markup doesn't seem to work. But, say, I want to talk about something that's copyrighted(c). I can do that. Neat-o. Oh, and

h2. Headers.

Easy. Though doing the html for headers is pretty easy, too. Hmm, a lot of neat stuff to get used to, if I'm gonna go this way. But it seems pretty powerful, easy, and unobtrusive. Thumbs up.

editor's note: since moved to Markdown Extra

Preliminary redesign

yah. It's up. Still simple, still same basic color scheme. Lots of cutting stuff out of the default template that came w/←bBlog. Unnecessary divs and all that. I think I like it, so far. Maybe a little massaging of headers & text-properties.

It still looks nice in ←lynx, though.