Archive of April 2005


Found out & fixed what was wrong w/ the DC stuff. The newer versions of KallistiOS now use newlib, but because of whatever, a vanilla newlib doesn't work. So there's a ←patch, which solved everything. "Hello, world!" worked, as does my cel-shading demo. So the next order of business (or one of them) is to solve the broken texture problem.

the sacred heart of Jesus Christ superstar

The title alone says it all. I did a small version of this piece, but I loved it so much I decided to do it larger and add a couple nice touches to it. It can be found here. It's based on the sketch I did of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

thank god

My life has been made 100x easier. So, I finally got the whole DC toolchain rebuilt. (I'll start with the bad news first -- yeah, there's bad news) Since I had to rebuild it, I figured I'd go with a brand-new, shiny build of everything, rather than the dusty old versions I was using. So I've got GCC 3.4.3, binutils-2.15, newlib-1.13.0, and the latest version of KallistiOS. Everything went through seemingly w/o a hitch, until I tried to test the cel-shading demo. It don't run. No errors or warnings. Just don't run.

KallistiOS ##version##: Tue Apr 19 22:44:40 PDT 2005
maple: active drivers:
    PuruPuru (Vibration) Pack: JumpPack
    VMU Driver: Clock, LCD, MemoryCard
    Mouse Driver: Mouse
    Keyboard Driver: Keyboard
    Controller Driver: Controller
  DMA Buffer at ac0e0a00
vid_set_mode: 640x480IL NTSC
fs_romdisk: mounting image at 0x8c05b854 at /rd
maple: attached devices:
  A0: Dreamcast Controller          (01000000: Controller)
  A1: Visual Memory                 (0e000000: Clock, LCD, MemoryCard)
  B0: Dreamcast Controller          (01000000: Controller)
  B2: Visual Memory                 (0e000000: Clock, LCD, MemoryCard)
vid_set_mode: 640x480IL NTSC
pvr: enabling vertical scaling for non-VGA

Soooo... what's the good news? Well, my testing process has been a little... convoluted, through necessity. The coder's cable (what ya use to transfer a program to the Dreamcast to run it, w/o burning a CD) doesn't work on my Mac. So I have a poor, lonely, Windows box w/o a monitor (Johnboy) connected to the DC. I use VNC to access that, FTP back into my machine, grab the file, and upload it to the DC. Except the old Windows DOS prompt doesn't have a scrollback buffer... So oftentimes, logs get lost. Well, since I got my old laptop fixed, I built dc-tool for that, instead. Now instead of VNC, I can just telnet into the machine connected to the DC. And linux is a lot nicer than DOS. Full scrollback, better command history, etc.
This'll make troubleshooting my current problem, to round this post out w/a nice sense of closure, 100x easier.

inkscape + gimp

I recently installed ←Inkscape, which is a nice GNU vector graphics program. Been playing around w/it a bit, and realized it's perfect for an experiment I've been wanting to try, mimicking digitally the way I build monoprints with layers. Its "trace bitmap" function is actually rather nicer than Flash's (I've never used Illustrator). So here is the first attempt. I also rewrote the markup for my galleries. No more tables, they're now unordered lists, which I think makes more sense. They look pretty much the same, though.

that idea?

I haven't forgotten about it. I'm still thinking about it. But I have a bunch of projects I'm working on, and (much to my delight) another one has come to the forefront recently. But I want to post an update on where that other mystery idea stands, and I will as soon as I have a development.
In other news, this mystery project is, well, a mystery. Not that I really have to worry about it, but I don't want to say anything about it until it's ready.