Archive of April 2005

another hitch

none of my disc drives are working reliably so the backup all my cross-compiler toolchains are inaccessible at the moment. I either need to rebuild them, or find another method of getting them back. Either way, it's another pain I don't want to have to deal with. Ah well.


All my computers have banded together in order to overthrow me. I've been busy the past week or so w/hardware issues. Reinstalled 10.3 on my Mac. Can't read the backup DVDs I burnt, so I've had to mount them on my server & FTP the important stuff. And that machine, too, has a problem w/the disc drive, so it throws a kernel panic occasionally while reading the disc. And the backlight in my laptop seems to be dying. And... I don't remember what the hardware problems are on Johnboy, but I know there's several. Pretty much everything is back in order, but it's killed my streak. Haven't actually fixed any problems, but I can live w/ 'em.