Archive of May 2005

cary grant

Yup. Did this one a little while ago. Felt like taking a break from the religious imagery, so I decided on Cary Grant. In His Girl Friday, no less. Also wrote a couple simple PHP functions to facilitate the gallery pages. Now I don't have to do the HTML by hand. here it is.

this just in!

I've been playing around with rewriting this thing in Cocoa (inbetween my other projects), and now I have up the test-run of it as an OS X commandline program. I'm experimenting with a couple ideas for it in my spare time... extending functionality; trying to get it to generate sentences that make more "sense". Expanding the dictionary. I'll also put up the source code, in a bit. Oh, the thing is the random sentence generator I wrote a while back. When I have time to think & reflect on it some more, I'll probably post some of my ideas on what to do with it. here it is: Stochastic Orpheus (oh -- the page for the thing is... well, it was much uglier. It's a little better now, but I apologize for the text. Some of it was run through babelfish both ways: thus the strange wording. I need to rewrite the whole thing.)