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coalesce notes

So my linked list code is broken, somehow. I guess this is a time for Unit Testing. This'd be a whole lot easier if I was using objects. And why isn't the timer working at all? Or am I doing something (else) wrong?

Organize & streamline code. Is MVC something that really applies to games? I don't see why it wouldn't be. Every now & again I'm still getting crashes. Pointers to addresses that aren't ships. But the speed is much better, now. Should look into timing routines some more. I think there's something I don't quite understand about how they work. Objects need to be erased before they're deleted. Let's start w/a Space-Invader type enemy. One that moves across the screen horizontally, moves closer, then goes back in the other direction, slowly (or not so slowly) getting closer. Something simple. Oh, and I suppose that whole "dying" and "killing things" thing. Weapon attrs: .multishot .spread (rapidfire) .laser .seeker .flock .power .spread Bosses will drop lots of powerups. Should also be special weapons. Vampire ship?

coalesce notes #4

|0x1|0x2|0x3| |prev: NULL|prev: 0x1|prev: 0x2| |next: 0x2|next: 0x3|next: NULL| (insert 0x4 between 0x2 and 0x3) last = 0x2 last -> next = new last -> next -> prev = new new -> prev = last new -> next = last -> next new = 0x4 last = 0x3 _new -> prev = last -> prev_ _new -> next = last_ last -> prev = new last -> prev -> next = new |0x1|0x2|0x4|0x3| |prev: NULL|prev: 0x1|prev: 0x2|prev: 0x4| |next: 0x2|next: 0x4|next: 0x3|next: NULL|

coalesce notes #3

Can I figure out some way to treat these modules more as objects? Alloc'ing and dealloc'ing space for them like w/ "new()" / "delete()" methods... I'll need to keep track of what I create & free it all... Hopefully I'm not too tired to get some work done on the shooter when I get home today. And I should get that laptop from Mike, so I can try building it on Windows. So linked lists for the objects. Actually, just one list should be fine – enemies & bullets alike. Alright, so I updated the enemy code so it'll alloc & free & deal w/any enemy, not just one declared statically in the file itself. The display function now takes a pointer to the enemy struct; modify this so it traverses -the list- a list & optimally checks each object & calls the correct drawing code.

So I've almost got it built. One error, redefinition of a symbol. I can't remember which one. Hunt that down & hopefully I'm good. Then I can get back to coding the game itself. Sweet. It was the cygwin runtime, which actually sorta solves two problems. One: getting it to compile & run on Windows. Two: my worry that it would need the cygwin runtime.

coalesce notes

Okay, I've got about the most rudimentary collision-detection system possible in place. But it is in place. Next let's do shooting & enemy AI? Moving left & right 'll slightly change the ship's momentum (very slightly) and I think it might be cool to have the ship's momentum slightly (again, very slightly) affect the angle @ which it shoots. Flocking AI for some enemies. Flocking is really beautiful in practice and I think enemies in a shooter is the perfect application for it. -could do something really cool w/the adaption of this. Add some sort of flocking rules to the player's bullets. Some sort of laser, spread, fire? Going to have to keep track of lots of bullets onscreen. So... Hey, what about that special-purpose programming language that guy uses to make those shooters? I don't think I necessarily want to use it, but it may be helpful. I don't know if an array is the best way to store bullets/enemies. The # of elements is constantly going to be changing. A linked list seems like a good choice - I've never really worked w/em, true, but the principle is pretty straightfoward. Can probably do a one-way linked list, but two-way is possible if I ever need to traverse it in reverse (or don't know the prior element beforehand) I'm going to need a really good collision-detection algorithm. I'll probably want to break the screen into sectors... That's tough: I don't really know how to go about it. But now's the perfect time to learn.

first notes on coalesce

ed note: I don't know when this was written. None of the entries in my notebook are dated. It's the first reference I could find to the game. I'll be going through & adding all my other notes as time goes on. So alright. My task then is to make a very simple prototype. Collision detection & possibly shooting. I have till the weekend or Monday, whichever. This should be pretty easy. I mean, there's already a pong tutorial that I can work from. What license is Allegro released under? hopefully LGPL, not that I think we're gonna sell this. Even better – "giftware" – Completely free to do whatever the hell I want w/it.

Ok. Object creation (a ship, a wall, or some other obstacle). Collision detection (maybe some pre-written routines for this?) I'm so used to OO programming now that going back to functional (or "modular") feels weird. I suppose I could try & learn C++. Or use Ruby objects... Or Obj C...