Archive of July 2015

Food dice #8

braise, coconut, eggplant, fruit, oregano, rice, eggs, lemon, curry

Okay, so the kicker here was whatever we rolled, it had to be made into cubes w/a rice cube.

dinner dinner dinner

There were 3 different kinds of cubes: braised eggplant with oregano, lemon zest & garlic chive, and finally tamago with sesame seeds. Coconut curry as the "mortar". For dinner entertainment, Hellraiser IN SPACE.

The cubes were super fun to make, and they all turned out super tasty. The curry felt a little bit like a third wheel, but it was really good too & did pair well with the cubes.

For dessert... raspberry custard parfaits. I seem to have forgotten to take photos.

Food dice #7

rice, corn, cheese, rosemary, cayenne, pan fry, bacon, fruit, ice cream


Decided that I'd start using marmite instead of bacon whenever I rolled it. So: marmite, apple & brie grilled cheese sandwiches. Creamed corn & carrots with brown rice. I just bought ice cream (bourbon banana, I think) instead of making it from scratch.

The sandwiches turned out pretty damned good, if I do say so.

Food dice #6

millet, sauté, mustard, mushroom, cake, oregano, olives, beans, tomatoes

Going with Mexican.


I wanted to make millet cakes! added shredded carrot, oregano & crushed mustard seeds to the millet. It did not turn into cakes. Sautéed mushrooms, black beans, olives & more oregano for the top. Added chopped tomatoes at the very end so they were just barely cooked, and topped it all off w/shredded cheddar cheese.

This was really good


Spiced cake with cinnamon cream cheese frosting. Going for a horchata feeling.