Dragon Warrior 2 combat analysis

dragon warrior 2 combat


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A little has changed in the sequel. Most notably, enemies now attack in groups and so this offers a little bit of strategy: the player can choose to either take out the strongest enemy first, or pick off the weakest quickly & then take down the strongest. Additionally, the verbs have changed – instead of magic, there's now parry. This appears to be a simple defend option (makes the player harder to hit).

It appears that both player & enemies choose their actions, and then agility (randomly?) determines action order each turn, but I could be wrong. It seems that in the first, asides from surprise attacks, player always goes first.

Now, I believe that further down the road, the player can pick up more party members. (pretty positive – there's no magic option in combat but there's MP) But for the purposes of this exercise, I'm gonna leave that open for now.

Dragon Warrior combat analysis

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This'll be the first in a handful of simple RPG combat analyses. I'm starting with Dragon Warrior because it's basically the ur-CRPG. It doesn't get much simpler than this. Again, I'm gonna try & start out simple and I may come back and expand these as my process evolves and I hone in on whatever it is I'm looking for. First pass


dragon warrior stats screen shot



Simple, turn-based. Combat in Dragon Warrior is 1-on-1. There's a chance that the enemy will attack first – probably based on agility. It's straightforward player action / enemy action rounds after that. There's not much more to say – Dragon Warrior is the baseline against which I'll judge other RPGs.