Food dice #4

cilantro, eggs, spinach, cayenne, nuts, braise, fruit, pudding, rice dinner

breaded fried soft-boiled eggs with cayenne pepper. Side of braised spinach with onions & sunflower seeds.

Oh my god, these eggs were delicious, but really hard to make. Peeling hard-boiled eggs is difficult enough, but when they're jiggly and about to burst? And once they were breaded they were still tricky to fry. But worth it.


rice pudding with fruit compote.

Food dice #3

cilantro, bacon, curry, grill, cheese, peas, millet, tofu, fruit


tofu, snap pea & "bacon" curry, on a bed of millet. Used thai basil instead of cilantro because that's gross.

This was okay. Not great, but pretty good.


some sort of fruit & cheese mousse, I think?

Whatever it was, I remember wishing I made more. Now I wish I remembered the recipe.

Food dice #2

roast/bake, pasta, asparagus, cheese, avocado, saffron, rosemary, lemon, pie

Hmm, lemon.

dinner dinner

Pasta bake, with asparagus & parmesan. Drizzled with lemon. I used turmeric instead of saffron, for coloring. I think I made an avocado pie for dessert? Or did the lemon go in the pie?

I wish I could remember this. There was definitely ricotta in the pasta bake. It turned out really good.

Food dice #1

pudding, cheese, rice, corn, mushrooms, ginger, pork, fennel, broil, radishes, brussels, sprouts, basil, coconut

Food dice!


Coconut & corn Brussels sprouts, with a side of radishes & mushrooms w/fennel. And then paneer kheer for dessert (NOT PICTURED).

Oh, this was delicious. At least the Brussels sprouts were. The radishes were alright, and the fennel was a nice touch, but it felt more like an afterthought.

The kheer... It tasted okay, but the texture wasn't great and it was far too soupy.