Food dice #3

cilantro, bacon, curry, grill, cheese, peas, millet, tofu, fruit


tofu, snap pea & "bacon" curry, on a bed of millet. Used thai basil instead of cilantro because that's gross.

This was okay. Not great, but pretty good.


some sort of fruit & cheese mousse, I think?

Whatever it was, I remember wishing I made more. Now I wish I remembered the recipe.

Food dice #2

roast/bake, pasta, asparagus, cheese, avocado, saffron, rosemary, lemon, pie

Hmm, lemon.

dinner dinner

Pasta bake, with asparagus & parmesan. Drizzled with lemon. I used turmeric instead of saffron, for coloring. I think I made an avocado pie for dessert? Or did the lemon go in the pie?

I wish I could remember this. There was definitely ricotta in the pasta bake. It turned out really good.

Food dice #1

pudding, cheese, rice, corn, mushrooms, ginger, pork, fennel, broil, radishes, brussels, sprouts, basil, coconut

Food dice!


Coconut & corn Brussels sprouts, with a side of radishes & mushrooms w/fennel. And then paneer kheer for dessert (NOT PICTURED).

Oh, this was delicious. At least the Brussels sprouts were. The radishes were alright, and the fennel was a nice touch, but it felt more like an afterthought.

The kheer... It tasted okay, but the texture wasn't great and it was far too soupy.