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The true test of someone's political leaning is not his or her stance on a particular hot issue (because those change), but whether he/she believes the Media (capital 'm') is right-wing or left-wing.


I'm here. It's cold. That's all.

an early christmas present

I got spam. So I'm taking down comments temporarily. No big deal. I'm getting ready to head home... Leave in the morning. Finishing up packing, all that fun stuff. I'm trying to decide whether or not to bring my sketchbook. I figure I'm going to try to do some writing while I'm home. So maybe I won't bother with it. Or I could try to start doing a sketch a day again, at least for a little while. I dunno.


←I'm in it. I've been very busy; I'll try to update more, soon. I can't wait to go home for XMas.


& back online. More stuff soon. Have a couple new sketches but they're not in the gallery yet; I'll post something about those in the next couple of days.