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ramblin' man

so, yeah. I haven't really done much work lately on the couple of projects at the forefront, and I haven't been doing as many sketches as I'd like. So likewise, there hasn't been much new here. It's mostly been worries about money. I'm looking for a second job, and I finally have a promising lead -- an interview on Thursday -- but I've been too stressed about money to really be able to concentrate on anything. And on top of that, they're raising my rent. By quite a bit, so it looks like in a month I'll be moving. Sticking around in the area; if I get this job I'll definitely stay in Redmond. Otherwise? Well, I'm screwed if I don't, but it's cheaper in the surrounding area, like Kirland, or Seattle.

that idea?

I haven't forgotten about it. I'm still thinking about it. But I have a bunch of projects I'm working on, and (much to my delight) another one has come to the forefront recently. But I want to post an update on where that other mystery idea stands, and I will as soon as I have a development.
In other news, this mystery project is, well, a mystery. Not that I really have to worry about it, but I don't want to say anything about it until it's ready.

got stuff

But it's not up yet. I'm keeping up w/the drawing a day I started ... if I counted the drawings I'd know how long ago. But I'll wait 'till there's more before I do that. I'll put the new ones up soonish.

I wish I had a pencil-thin moustache

ehh. Lots to go over. Right now it's testing bBlog.

I'll get into all the other stuff -- like the move -- later.