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Are side-guns going to be done as separate sprites? Or the main ship's sprite modified? The way it's looking, separate sprites – not sure how ships of different sizes / shapes will take the same side-gun, but that's Mike's problem. As much as possible should be put in the Ship class. Certainly the stuff about the Attachables. Technically, enemies can take missles now. Just need to edit the fire methods. *I should have generic fire methods for all ships. Take either a direction or a target, and that's it. Works for both the player and the enemies.

Are the upgrades for the player & the enemies going to be exactly the same? control: 3 buttons: (A) left-gun (B) right-gun (C) both NO center-gun? *The center-gun is the basic, no-side-gun weapon. It's replaced by the first powerup the player recieves. It'd be interesting if the player could somehow power this weapon up, by avoiding all weapon pickups. But how?

Need a HUD to display: score, power of each weapon **what about varying qualities of each powerup? ie the "level" of the weapon based on how many like powerups, and then secondary parameters...

I can get rid of the save-state function, right? Do I really need it? unless I erase after I've updated the positions...

mooooar coalesce notes

Get all the code that ships share into the ship class. Every enemy class also needs to be able to take at least one attachable (not that they necessarily will) Enemies don't take powerups, but some can combine w/each other How does the main weapon get powered up? Gunner: creates a gunner attachment -powerup: increases firing rate Flocker: ? -powerup: adds flocking (& increases cohesion) to bullets *need more enemy types

*under which circumstances is a weapon replaced, and which upgraded?

-in #2, the player should have an option to jettison the attachable.