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cary grant

Yup. Did this one a little while ago. Felt like taking a break from the religious imagery, so I decided on Cary Grant. In His Girl Friday, no less. Also wrote a couple simple PHP functions to facilitate the gallery pages. Now I don't have to do the HTML by hand. here it is.


So, yeah. Out of curiosity, I'm trying out adding the comments. Working on this as we speak. -- alright. It's good. I'll see how it goes; I don't get much traffic here, but I am curious about the traffic I do get.


Playing around w/MySQL. Changed the pw. Broke bBlog and didn't realize it. Back now. Playing lots of Fable. Also found this great game - ←Uplink. Lots of fun. Very different, too. Supposedly there's a couple other games out there along the same lines. Gonna look into those. (I seem to remember a BBS game called Nethack. Not your regular nethack, but a "hacking" game.)


Textile seems cool. I can do stuff like emphasize words, though my favorite /italics/ markup doesn't seem to work. But, say, I want to talk about something that's copyrighted(c). I can do that. Neat-o. Oh, and

h2. Headers.

Easy. Though doing the html for headers is pretty easy, too. Hmm, a lot of neat stuff to get used to, if I'm gonna go this way. But it seems pretty powerful, easy, and unobtrusive. Thumbs up.

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